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Republish Our Content For Free


What content can I republish?

California Healthline, and KFF Health News, which produces the site, encourage other news organizations and publications to reuse our content for free.  We share all stories and photographs produced by California Healthline and KFF Health News staff under a Creative Commons license.

And it’s really free?


What Creative Commons license does KFF Health News use?

We publish under the Attribution-NonCommercial-NonDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) license.

What if my question isn’t here or I need clarification?

We’ve got the answer. Please email or use this form.

Republishing Stories

What are your story requirements?

We don’t ask much. For attribution, KFF Health News only requires that you:

  • Include a byline with the reporter’s name and California Healthline.
  • Preserve all story hyperlinks.
  • Maintain any tagline at the bottom of the story. The standard attribution is:
    This story was produced by KFF Health News, which publishes California Healthline, an editorially independent service of the California Health Care Foundation.

Can I alter or edit stories?

Yes, with California Healthline/KFF Health News permission, news partners can make changes such as localizing the content for your area, using a different headline or shortening story text. Contact us to ensure your edits are OK.

Are NPR stories available to republish?

Yes, for stories reported in partnership with NPR. Please credit KFF Health News, the partner station and NPR.

How do I know if a story cannot be republished?

If a story is labeled “All Rights Reserved,” KFF Health News cannot grant permission to republish that item.

Can California Healthline material appear on pages with ads?

Yes, it’s fine for our content to be used in print or online pages with advertising.

Can California Healthline material be used to create advertising?

No, it cannot.

Can California Healthline material be used in commercial products like academic text books or conference presentations?

Please check with us first. Frequently we approve such requests.

Republishing Photos & Illustrations

Can I use your photos and illustrations?

We are working hard to make more and more of our images available.

Images shot by California Healthline or KFF Health News staff photographers or reporters may be available for republication for noncommercial purposes. We often contract with freelance photographers who usually, but not always, allow their work to be published by our media partners.

So how do I know if a photo or illustration can be republished?

It can be tricky, so the best way to confirm that an image is available is to contact us at or use this form.

Generally, if a photo caption credits “California Healthline” as the image source, it is likely you can republish that image, but you must contact us. Most NPR-credited photos are also available.

When KFF Health News licenses editorial photos from wire services like The Associated Press and Getty Images, we cannot grant republishing rights to those, while we can for some Getty Images illustrations.

What are the requirements for republishing photos?

When using our images, you will be advised to:

  • Maintain correct caption information.
  • Credit the photographer and California Healthline in the caption. For example: (Heidi de Marco/California Healthline)
  • Do not digitally alter images.

Can I republish your cartoons?


Can I use your images in commercial advertisements or promotions?

No. See details on our Creative Commons license.

Republishing Videos, Podcasts & Data Visualizations

Can I use California Healthline videos?

Yes. All videos produced by KFF Health News and California Healthline are posted on YouTube and can be embedded with their player. If you want a video shared via Brightcove, or to receive it in a different way, contact us.

Can I post KFF Health News podcasts?

Yes. They are available through SoundCloud, Stitcher and iTunes. Contact us if you need the original audio file.

Can I use your data visualizations or graphics?

In most cases, yes. We can provide embed codes, images or raw data files. Contact us with requests.

Getting Our Content And Assets

How do I get a copy of a story?

It’s easy to grab: On the version of the article you want to republish, click the “Republish This Story” link displayed in under the author’s name. On the next page, either select and copy the text-only version on the left-side of the page, or click the orange “Copy HTML” button on the right.

How do I republish all your stories?

We have RSS feeds available that can be ingested to your website or intranet. The most commonly used ones are listed here. If there are other subjects that you’d like a dedicated feed, or if you need other technical assistance, let us know.

Can I get originals or high-resolution versions of your photos?

Yes, they are usually available. To receive the images and a list of captions, email us at

Can I use your logo on republished stories?

Please do. Download a high-resolution .png file here.

Can you notify me when new California Healthline stories are available to republish?

Yes, we send a daily email to news partners. Contact us to be added to the list.

Do we have to alert KFF Health News/California Healthline when content is republished?

No, but we’d love it if you did. Please email or use this form.