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Faces of Medi-Cal
Lucas Moreno Ramirez sits at his kitchen table and looks directly at the camera. His medication is visible beside him.

Faces of Medi-Cal

A California Healthline series exploring the impact of the state’s safety-net health program on enrollees.

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Share your Medi-Cal story

We want to hear about your experiences and, with your permission, may incorporate your story into our coverage. Please tell us what it has been like for you as you have sought and received care, including the good and the bad, the obstacles and the successes.

Comparta su historia con Medi-Cal

Queremos conocer sus experiencias y, con su permiso, poder incorporar su historia en nuestra cobertura. Cuéntenos su experiencia mientras buscaba y recibía atención, incluyendo lo bueno y lo malo, los obstáculos y los éxitos.

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California’s Medicaid program, Medi-Cal, is the largest in the nation, serving nearly 15 million low-income people, including roughly 40% of the state’s children. The state is embarking on a massive transformation of the program, which has been slammed for providing subpar care and limited access to specialty treatment. The goal is to improve health care quality and save money. Will it work?

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Angela Hart
Bernard J. Wolfson
Samantha Young
Molly Castle Work


Heidi de Marco
Rich Pedroncelli
Kevin Painchaud
Colby Tarsitano


Emily Bazar
Judy Lin
Jonathan Weber
Terry Byrne
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Lydia Zuraw
David Hicks
Lynne Shallcross
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