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全面掌握168极速赛车官方开奖历史记录、一分钟开奖结果记录查询 A New Test Could Save Arthritis Patients Time, Money, and Pain. But Will It Be Used?

Stories of chronic pain, drug-hopping, and insurance meddling are all too common among patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Precision medicine offers new hope.

KFF Health News / CMG TV Stations Investigation

‘I Am Just Waiting to Die’: Social Security Clawbacks Drive Some Into Homelessness

The Social Security Administration is reclaiming billions of dollars in alleged overpayments from some of the nation's poorest and most vulnerable, leaving some people homeless or struggling to stay in housing, beneficiaries and advocates say.

When Medical Devices Malfunction

Patients Facing Death Are Opting for a Lifesaving Heart Device — But at What Risk?

The HeartMate 3 is considered the safest mechanical heart pump of its kind, but a federal database contains more than 4,500 reports in which the medical device may have caused or contributed to a patient’s death.

Bill of the Month

When a Quick Telehealth Visit Yields Multiple Surprises Beyond a Big Bill

For the patient, it was a quick and inexpensive virtual appointment. Why it cost 10 times what she expected became a mystery.

Faces of Medi-Cal

New Doula Benefit ‘Life-Changing’ for California Mom

Doulas, independent workers who act as advocates for birthing parents, have been shown to help prevent pregnancy complications and improve the health of both mothers and babies. California’s Medicaid program started covering their services this year, but some doulas say bureaucratic obstacles and inadequate pay prevent their effective use.

KFF Health News-CMG TV Stations Investigation

Social Security Chief Apologizes to Congress for Misleading Testimony on Overpayments

Acting Commissioner Kilolo Kijakazi sent the letter days after KFF Health News and Cox Media Group reported that the agency has been demanding money back from more than twice as many people as she’d disclosed in October testimony.

Payback: Tracking Opioid Cash

‘They See a Cash Cow’: Corporations Could Consume $50 Billion of Opioid Settlements

As opioid settlement dollars land in government coffers, a swarm of businesses are positioning themselves to profit from the windfall. But will their potential gains come at the expense of the settlements’ intended purpose — to remediate the effects of the opioid epidemic?

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Picture of Health

极速赛车1分钟开奖结果记录查询+在线开奖直播现场|极速赛车168正规官方平台 Dads Drive Growth in California’s Paid Family Leave Program

A line chart with two lines representing men and women taking family leave over time. As time progresses, men have begun to take more family leave, closely trailing the amount of women taking leave.

The number of men in the state taking paid family leave to bond with a new child has risen nearly 20% since the start of the pandemic.

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